Allergy Testing

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The Healthy Dog or Cat Assessment

Does your dog/cat constantly itch and scratch

Have you been told it is food or environmental allergies?

Wouldn't it be nice to know what food or environmental factors that your pet is allergic too?

If you have answered YES let me help you

The Alternative Sensitivity Assessment© is the original hair and saliva method for assessing immune imbalances and finding solutions to help your pet.

This assessment is unlike any other. You can use it as a road map to map out your pets path to health. Using DNA Biofeedback testing, they are able to ascertain which foods and environmental stressors are triggering your pet's health issues. Next it tells you what the underlying issues may be. Then I can offer suggestions to help you eliminate the underlying stressors that are causing your pets discomfort.

Pet allergies have become a global epidemic to our beloved companions. Not only is the environment full of toxins, but the foods and water that we feed our animals are also cause for concern. By developing the "Alternative Sensitivity
Assessment©" you can strive to eliminate the guessing in what food items and environmental stressors may be affecting your pets health.

In many cases, the pets health issue may be caused by a yeast overgrowth, which left untreated can lead to secondary bacterial infections. This can affect the skin or ears, or both. One cause for this overgrowth can be caused by the lack of enzymes in the diet. Other causes can be antibiotics or stress. After a time this yeast can cause the immune system to be stressed and no longer able to combat the constant input of triggers.

Simply by sending me the saliva saturated swabs (enclosed in a kit) and some hair we can tell you what foods may be causing your dog/cat problems? This test is all inclusive for; food sensitivity & triggers, environmental disturbances & triggers and beneficial holistic remedies.

About the Alternative Sensitivity Assessment:

This assessment is a non-invasive, non-medical/lab system for finding sensitivities and trigger foods. The test is truly an alternative method and should not be compared to blood testing or serum testing. They do not use this assessment to measure IgE and IgG antibodies. The patent pending analysis is strictly for trigger foods and external stressors as well as potential triggers and sensitivities that are affecting your pets' health now. If you have had a blood panel performed with your veterinarian, we most likely will not have a reading for the items that you have already eliminated from the dogs food and environment. What's included in a Kit:
  • Sample sheet of what items you're pet will be assessed for. (200 Food Items, Environmental, Beneficial Holistic Remedies)
  • Order Form (Must accompany the pet's samples when sent)
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and Saliva samples)
Total price $160.00 for test only.
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