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Kerry — animal care sydney in Castle Hill, NSW
Kerry has been working with animals for more than 25 years. A qualified advanced vet nurse, Kerry began working in her field because of her love of animals. Kerry started her career in NSW, where she worked at a vet clinic for 11 years after becoming qualified in the veterinary nurse field. Wanting a change from the clinic, Kerry launched a new career and business in dog grooming, operating successfully for eight years. Throughout this time Kerry's male staffy experienced an ear condition for most of his life, undergoing constant testing and being treated with everything from ear drops through to antibiotics. Unable to find a cure, Kerry arranged for Jed to have surgery, a procedure called an ear ablation. After the surgery failed, feeling disillusioned Kerry started researching for another alternative whereupon she found Homeopathy. Homeopathy relieved Jed's condition.

Kerry and her husband decided to relocate to the tropics and headed for North Queensland. Returning to a career in veterinary nursing, Kerry continued following her passion for animal care. Kerry was so impressed by the results with Homeopathy and how well Jed was going that she embarked on a new career in this field, after studying Homeopathy for Animals for four years.

After completion of her studies, Kerry started up A Natural Healing for Animals in Cairns, as she realised that there was a demand for Natural Products for Animals. Time after time she was hearing people say "If only there was only a more natural approach to animal products".

Since A Natural Healing for Animals began operating in 2012, it has been running as a successful business, growing bigger every day.

In June 2014, Kerry and her husband moved to Castle Hill (Sydney area). This had given Kerry a much broader area to get the word out there that YES there is a more natural approach to our animals health needs.

At the end of 2019 Kerry and her family moved back to the Mid North Coast region of NSW. This is where they have always called home.

Don't worry if you don't live near the Mid North Coast, all of our products can be posted via Australia Post and our communication and customer service via phone or email is just as good.


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Feb 2020

Just wanted to say a huge thank you.

The drops I got for my dogs teeth are working great.

I love (and I also think my dogs prefer) that I only have to put some drops on their skin and some in their water, it is soooo easy.

I have tried many different options before and nothing seems to work effectively or my dogs just hated me trying to brush their teeth.

Wish I had known about it sooner.

I will be purchasing more of your products in the near future, I feel happy that I know they are getting what they need and it is easy and much more manageable for all of us.

Even my sceptical boyfriend is impressed haha.

Thank you again.

— Jenna, Jolly and Sencer
5th June 2018

Three years ago I was very fortunate to find Kerry after constantly searching on the internet for someone that offered a holistic approach and a better way of life for my chihuahua & my mini foxie who are in their senior years. My chihuahua was suffering from Addison’s disease as well as Kidney failure after having his teeth cleaned at the local vet.

Unfortunately I lost him this year at the great age of 16 & a half years, but I still have my mini foxie that suffers with pancreatitis who is approaching his 16th birthday. Without Kerry and the remedies she offers I know that both my fur babies wouldn't have reached these ages and given them a better quality of life. It got me thinking what would I do if Kerry ever decided to not keep her business going due to any life changes taking you in another direction, I would be so devastated and lost as I don't know of anyone that offers the amazing products and customer care that she does.

Actually I am feeling a bit emotional as I write this because Kerry and her products have made an incredible impact on Buzz and Woody's life and myself included. Kerry’s products has given me the confidence and peace of mind over the years of giving both my fur babies the best life that I could and can give them. Kerry has also helped me through some pretty tough times and I thank her so much for that. Please don't ever stop making your amazing Products as we need you and your business more than you will ever know.

— Sheree
Hi Kerry,

Just writing to let you know you have saved us regarding our cat Binxy! I’m so grateful our friend put us in touch with you, as you know, we were at our wits end with Binx always whinging all the time and completely unsettled no matter whether she was inside or outside, she was constantly complaining and a little manic and it was severely affecting my mental health. We had tried everything imaginable apart from homeopathic! The Pet Calm eze that you recommended worked the first time we dosed her; we noticed a significantly less verbal kitty and realised we’d gotten through the day without tearing our hair out. Then we noticed this continued day after day so we knew it was the calm eze! We now have lessened her dose, and she is certainly a calmer more manageable cat! She gets bored/frustrated easily which is clearly just her nature but she is now not as verbal about it and does seem generally less manic now. We are confident in this product, and that had given us the confidence in the vaccines and worming treatments that we ordered from you too:)

Without you we may have had to give her away as I work from home and couldn’t get any work done! It has also saved us from letting her out to wander to save our sanity which we were desperately resisting doing but were at a loss as to any other solutions. We can now manage her safely inside and we take her for walks around the complex which she loves.
— Zoe and John
Our beloved 12 year old Dachshund cross, Pippin, has suffered from a range of skin conditions including yeast infections and dermatitis since she was a puppy. And since the passing of her brother, Oli, earlier this year, the stress and her grieving aggravated it to the point that she started to shed large flakes of skin on a daily basis and her hair also began to thin in spots. She was scratching furiously every day. I have never seen her skin as bad as this. She also subsequently developed the worst yeast infection I have ever seen in her ears to the point that I was seriously contemplating taking her to the vet.

We followed Kerry’s recommendations and instructions. As Pippin's condition has built up over a lifetime, the improvement did not happen immediately which Kerry warned us about. However less than two months later, her hair has grown back and although she still has bouts of mild dermatitis due to the warmer, more humid weather, it has reduced significantly and her scratching is at a minimum.

However the biggest improvement we have seen in Pippin has been with her ears. As you can see from the picture, they were red, raw and bleeding. Within 24 hours of using the homeopathic remedies which Kerry prescribed, they started to clear up and within a week, they were pink and healthy again. And importantly still are!!

We wanted to share our story with you as we know how prevalent and common skin allergies are in dogs, and how frustrating it can be to find something that actually works.

We would highly recommend speaking to Kerry based on our own experiences and the fantastic results we have seen with Pippin.

Kind regards

— Mimi F.
Thank you Kerry!

For your expertise and guidance in getting a nagging and long term (5+ years) yeast infection sorted with our boy.

I'd been down a similar holistic path a few times before and each time the infection would flare up and I'd resigned myself to the fact this was just how it was going to be. A friend mentioned Kerry and the great results she'd had with her dog over the same problem, so off I went whilst wondering if this time was going to be any different. Kerry suggested a simple & cost effective allery test. The results were like unlocking the secret code to your dog!

Suddenly I saw very clearly why the previous attempts to cure the problem just didn't work. Along with a course of remedies, and the critical tweaks to an already good diet, my boy hasn't been better in ages. Gone is his yeasty smell, the upset tummy, the hot spots, the paw-chewing, the licking and the skin on his underbelly is returning to a normal and healthy pink colour.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
14 September 2018

After hearing so many negatives about vaccinations; such as the metals and toxins contained in them, and with so many dogs developing life-long conditions from them - some of them quite severe - I decided to try something different with my new Labrador pup, and not vaccinate him.

Thankfully, I found Kerry and Natural Healing for Animals. My pup had only had his 8 week vaccination (arranged by the breeder). By 15 weeks, Kerry started him on the Vaccinosis Detox to detoxify him from the metals which would have been in that first vaccination, and we also started him on the Nosodes. After a little over a month (at 20 weeks), I had the pup Titer tested and to my surprise (and the vet's), the results showed he had full immunity against Hepatitis, Distemper and Parvo Virus.

My vet has happily provided an official letter stating just that, and despite there not being a test for immunity against Kennel Cough, my vet confidently stated that considering such positive results in the Titer test, it was safe to say that he would also be fairly well protected against Kennel Cough as well. I can now use the vet's letter and Kerry's vaccination card, to start obedience training.

Even though I live in Melbourne, I cannot fault Kerry's excellent communication and prompt responses (and I had MANY questions!). THANK YOU Kerry for your outstanding help and guidance, your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. I just hope more people realize that there are better and safer alternatives for their pets.

—Very Happy Dog Owner
31 March 2017

After numerous visits to 4 different vets, antibiotics, cortisone injections and creams, I was desperate to find a solution to my beautiful whippet's hot spots and sores which I was told was a skin allergy and it really could only be managed, not cured. Someone suggested in a throw away line, "what about homeopathy".
I searched the internet and found Kerry at " Natural Healing for Animals" who spent time even on a Saturday, discussing the problems.

We started some treatment immediately. Probiotics and a digestive aid daily and a shampoo which I used twice a week.
I followed this through with hair and saliva testing to give an indication of the triggers that may be causing the problems. The results showed many things but the most surprising was that rice and chicken were major triggers to the allergy. I immediately took these out of her diet and she has improved steadily since.

Some people tend to be Sceptical as was I originally but this treatment has proved to be beneficial and I can see the results.

It has been 3 months and I have a much happier and more comfortable little whippet named Blossom who has no new sores and old ones which are healing.

— Kerry
26 March 2017

I have two ex puppy farm dogs who were kept in filth in tiny cages for years, and as a result are allergic to just about everything. Seizures, terrible rashes and burnt skin were the norm for any product that was supposed to keep fleas and ticks at bay, so I have had 3 years of difficulty... until I discovered the natural flea and tick collars. No more heat spots, no more flea mange, and no more franticly searching for ticks every time we go for a walk. I cannot recommend this product enough. Kerry is amazing.

— Sally
August 2016

Kerry is AMAZING! I saw a post on Staffy Rescue of how Kerry helped a dog with allergies and I am so grateful i saw this. I have been looking for solutions for years as my 4year old staffy has had skin issues since a puppy. They have slowly got worse over the years ending up with Poh going to hospital for a serve ear infection :( With Kerry's help (with multiple back and forth emails), natural remedies to boost her immune system and an allergy test I have finally worked out what was causing poh to break out in allergies. With a new raw diet and remedies from Kerry; Poh has a shiny new coat and is back to her happy self. I can not thank Kerry enough for all her help. Thank you so much can not recommended you enough for anyone having the same problem.

— Regards Liz and Poh
2nd May 2015

Thank you for the ear spray and your nutritional guidance Kerry. My dog has had issues with her ears on and off for many years. The latest occurrence had been going for around 2 weeks, I noticed a difference after just two treatments and within a couple of days there was no more head shaking or sideways held droopy ear, it's great stuff! I will be keeping up with a maintenance spray every week or two. I love the smell and its really easy to use. She used to hate the treatments the vet has given me in the past and it was always so stressful trying to hold her head and get liquid right down into her ear, the spray is much easier. Thanks again from Shannon and Ginger Far North QLD. I am happy to be contacted to confirm my experience on shannonsiebel@live.com.

— Shannon & Ginger
20th March 2015

Hi there - I have a dog 8 years old who's never been vaccinated with the medical vaccination program - I' ve only used homeopathics - I started a new schedule this year 2015 using what Kerry supplied - I did the 4 days/ then 4 weeks - then 1 month - I had a titer test done by the local vet- my dog Ellie's level of Parvo antibodies was high , but the distemper and hepatitis were low. I waited another month / applying the next dose to her skin as recommended - and 2 days later had another titer test done - this test showed all high levels of antibodies for parvo, hepatitis and distemper . I am thrilled with the results, thankyou so much Kerry for being available and providing this service for us

— Annette A.
17th January 2015

Thank you Kerry for helping make my little eye feel better, it's been sore since I was born and now it's looking and feeling better. My mum has me on a healthy diet you told her about and I am lucky to be using your natural flea collar, natural vaccines, natural eye drops. Thanks to you I am going to grow up very healthy and strong. From Cody Than you Kerry so much for helping me with my illness and making me want to eat again, I am 14.5 yrs old and need some help to feel well again.

— Yvonne P.
August 2014

I had been struggling with various problems with both of my 4 year old King Charles Cavaliers. Benji suffered from reoccurring ear infections, as well as stomach upsets causing regular diarrhoea and vomiting. His sister Tilly suffered from anxiety, and lack of appetite causing her to loose weight. After talking with Kerry, I began using three of her products. I used the ear spray for Benji, and within two weeks, his ear was infection free for the first time in months. I used the homeopathic digest aid drops for both dogs. Benji has not vomited or had diarrhoea since commencing these drops, and Tilly has not missed a meal - she even gets excited at meal time now, just like her brother. And the third product I began using was Pet Calm, for Tilly. She is now a calm and happy dog, and much more pleasant to be around. I have just started using the natural pet collars for tick and fleas. I am delighted with them so far. And my recent purchase, has just been for the natural worming products and natural vaccination drops. I am so happy to finally have my two beautiful dogs, off ALL forms of medication, and living a toxic free life! Thanks Kerry for the great job you do, helping us to heal our pets in a wonderfully natural way.
Kind Regards

— Monique
July 2014

My name is Heather,

Recently Missy developed itchy paws. She chewed on them constantly for a couple of weeks, I thought by getting her clipped again it may solve the problem. I have always been vigilant around our garden to make sure we have no plants that cause allergies and itching. Kerry suggested to try a natural spray on her feet. To me it smelled amazing, but Missy had other thoughts as she raced around the room like a maniac after I applied it. I persisted with the protests and reapplied as per instructions from Kerry and within 3 days it was gone. And to my amazement it has not returned. At the same time my other little Tenterfield Terrier 'Cindy' developed quite a nasty rash all over her almost hairless belly. Cindy is very small for her breed so I tried the same spray I used on Missy to Cindy's belly. She wasn't to happy either but within 3 days again it was gone. Not only did I save a hefty vet bill but also saved my dogs from going on unneccessary medication which as we all know can have its own side affects.

Soon after I cleared the rashes up then Cindy developed a sore swollen eye that resembled a conjunctivitis look. So once again a ask advise from Kerry who had eyedrops at the ready. I used them twice daily for only two days and it cleared up beautifully.

So not to be left out was 'CO-CO', she is our other Tenterfield Terrier. She to developed the same symptoms as Cindy in her eye but it was much more swollen and mucky, so I got the eye drops out and administered them for 3 days and it to cleared up.

We have 3 dogs and all are extremely spoiled with the best of bedding, the best food with no additives, they do love to run around like maniacs in the yard so as to how they got their ailments is a mystery but the products that Kerry offered
I can say without a doubt were so much more kinder to my hounds. Our vet is also amazing but I felt I saved an incredible amount of money not only on fees but medications.

I feel our animals are not so different to us when it comes to medications that there are side affects that can leave us feeling a little yucky for a few days. I have no hesitation that Kerry would have encouraged to seek a vets help if the situation did not clear up.

I am so pleased to have come in touch with someone like Kerry who has such a passion for animals that she has been able to provide us with such wonderful products that really do work. Although Kerry has moved away from Cairns now I will have no hesitation of calling her for the next round of 'fix me ups' for our beloved, spoilt little dogs.

Thank you Kerry.

— Regards Heather, CO-CO, Missy, Cindy.
22nd March 2014

As a professional dog groomer and exhibitor of show Standard Poodles, I would like to thank you for your recent advice and supplying me with some of your great products that work, simple as that! I especially adore the Healthy Skin Shampoo for my client dogs who have problems with their skin. The most common issue I see is yeast infections. My clients and I have been seeing good results after using this product. I have also personally tried the supplements and was particularly impressed by the Omega tablets and the Super Greens. I'm delighted I found your website and Facebook page. I wish you all the best for your continued success!

— Heather
16th August 2013

My Maltese, from an early age, suffered chronic ear infections. Frequent vet visits and treatments of antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories seemed forever ongoing with little result. After speaking with Kerry from Natural Healing for Animals, I was pleased when, after a hair scan of my little dog was done, a solution was found to not only treat the problem, but to actually clear it up once and for all. Ear pain gone, vet visits for the same problem gone, and a happy little dog.

— Nancy L.
9th August 2013

I had countless visits to the vets with my dog for ear infections and even with lots of treatment and money spent there was still no improvement. After meeting Kerry and learning about natural healing and Homeopathy I started to notice a big change in my dog's ears. After Kerry's treatment my dog's ears are fully healed.

— Thanks Kerry Kim and Nipper Dog
4th June 2013

I cannot thank Kerry enough for the care she has given to our King Charles Cavalier, Bentley. Bentley is 11 years old and has a heart murmur. We returned from holidays at Easter to find him very ill and thought his time was up. After a trip to the vet he was put on medication, which helped, but he was still in a lot of pain. We were asked to bring him back for tests, however I really wasn't sure what this would achieve and the dollars involved. I decided to try other alternatives. Kerry recommended several options and I went with the Muscle Inflammation and Vitamin C. We saw a huge improvement - pain subsided. We then decided to add the Heart Remedy and changed over from the medication. What a change we saw. Our dog now runs through the house (was told never to let him run again), with no sense of pain. I am so happy that we chose these options, as I do believe he would no longer be with us if we hadn't. Kerry has gone above and beyond for us and her knowledge is extensive. Her natural therapies really do work and do offer an alternative to the conventional options.

— Bree G.
9th February 2013

Kerry I thought I would write to let you know how pleased I am with the homeopathic remedy I used recently on my Labrador. She was in pain and very reluctant to move. After a dose of the immediate pain relief remedy, there was a remarkable change in her and she was back to moving and happy to see me. Also, I used the Muscle Inflammation remedy as a back-up, it has been invaluable and she is back to the old dog that I know and love. I cannot thank you enough for your help and advice in her treatment and will be recommending the homeopathic remedies to all my friends and their pets. Many thanks again,

— Yvonne T.
3rd November 2012

In this day and age, it's hard to find someone you can trust. Kerry was recommended to me by a friend and now I know why - the quality of service I received was outstanding. Kerry's remedies really work. Keep up the good work!
24th October 2012

I cannot begin to tell you how happy and lucky I was to meet Kerry. My little Tibetan spaniel had been suffering with a prolapsed disc and had been on cortisone and painkillers to relieve the pain. It was after his third episode and the same treatment regime from the vet that I despaired there was nothing else I could do for him. I was told that he would need surgery to repair the damage. That meant, according to the vet, a trip to Brisbane! I was so stressed out when unexpectedly an Angel offered me an alternative. I immediately went with the homeopathic remedies she prescribed and within three weeks my little boy was bouncing around again. I have the remedies in the cupboard just in case I need to use them again, but so far his prolapsed disc has shown no sign of recurring. It was like a miracle. I also have a Samadoodle (Samoyed/Poodle cross) who is very 'delicate' and have found that homeopathic remedies have worked with him as well. I now vaccinate with homeopathic as I believe that the other vaccinations can be toxic. My two are happy, healthy and just gorgeous. I will be consulting with Kerry as the 'boys' are getting older and will need care into their later years. Thank you once again Kerry.

— Helen
Hi Kerry

Here is my testimonial along with photos of Pippin’s ears before and after.
Pippin's Ears Before  — animal care sydney in Castle Hill, NSW
Pippin's Ears After  — animal care sydney in Castle Hill, NSW
Pets with thank you message — animal care sydney in Castle Hill, NSW