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As alternative therapies are proving to have a multitude of health benefits for humans, it is only natural that formulas would be developed to treat man's best friend, the humble family pet. Our pets often suffer from similar ailments to us including skin allergies, yeast infections, urinary incontinence and digestive problems, so it is valuable to be aware that there are natural therapies available to treat these problems, while relieving the symptoms.

Natural Healing for Animals is a website devoted to improving your pet's health naturally. The website has been established by qualified Vet Nurse Kerry Allman, who is committed to supplying homeopathic remedies and natural products for pets, also distributes a range of vaccinations natural flea/tick collars, shampoos, remedies and healthcare essentials that are a successful alternative to the synthetically made pharmaceutical compounds. The natural treatments she supplies have been tested to offer results, without the toxins introduced through modern day over-the-counter pet care.


Kerry has a vast selection of homeopathic remedies, essential oils and flower essence combinations that offer medicinal benefits for all types of psychological and physical conditions in animals.


Homeopathy is vital for your pet's health, as it treats all of the body at once addressing the cause, not just the symptoms, providing a complete healing process.

Homeopathy has been established for more than 200 years and has grown in popularity for the ...[read more] therapeutic benefits it provides for both humans and animals. The key to homeopathy's success is it not only addresses the symptoms of a condition, but also the cause to stop the condition re-occurring. With remedies that have been derived from a combination of diluted plant, mineral and animal extracts, homeopathy treats all types of conditions without the side effects that can result from traditional forms of medication. Homeopathy strengthens your pet's body and immune system, which is why it works so effectively, because it helps the body to learn how to fight back, keeping diseases and health conditions at bay. It offers an economical, natural, non-toxic alternative to traditional medications.


Kerry is passionate about homeopathy and has experienced some amazing results, both personally, (with her own pets) and on the pets of her many satisfied customers.

Contact her today and discuss your pet's health concerns or product needs. She will tailor a range of products to suit your pet's requirements.

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