Natural Vaccinations

Natural vaccinations can be just as effective and in some cases, more potent than traditional pharmaceutical vaccinations. The vaccines, called nosodes or oral vaccines, are developed from the disease that they are immunising against. Once taken, nosodes enable your pet to form a natural immunity against the pathogenic virus in question.

Nosodes are safe, without the side effects and risks that often occur from pharmaceutical vaccinations. The side effects that can occur from your pet having an adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical vaccination range from anaphylaxis through to fibro sarcoma at the site of the injection and can even cause lifetime skin problems. Even more confronting is the theory of medical professional Dr Chris Day who believes that 80 per cent of chronic diseases can be established three months after using a traditional vaccine.

Nosodes can be given to your puppy or kitten much earlier than traditional vaccinations.

Natural Healing for Animals supply Homeopathic Feline and Canine Vaccine Nosodes for all common diseases. Like pharmaceutical vaccinations, nosodes should only be used on healthy pets.

Natural Healing for Animals supplies a range of Oral Nosodes including:

Leptospirosis Bacteria

A combination of Canine Oral Nosode including:

Canine Distemper
Hepatitis Parvovirus
Bordatella (kennel cough)

A combination of Feline Oral Nosode:

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Feline Leukaemia Virus (Felv)
Feline Aids

The following list of kennels amongst others are happy to board your dog/cat who have been fully immunised with the natural homeopathically prepared Feline and Canine Oral (Nosode) Vaccine immunisation's only.

Western Australia

Natural Paws Pet Retreat

209 Cormorant Court
Southern River WA 6110
Tel (08) 9398 4616

Katie's Catteries (Cat Only)

36 Gibbs Road
Nowergup WA
Tel (08) 9407 5055 (Katie)

Five Star Boarding Kennels & Cattery

7 Battersea Road
Canning Vale WA
Tel (08) 9455 1853 (Maree)

Swif Treve Boarding Kennels

Lot 41 Passmore Street
Southern River WA
Tel (08) 9497 1264

Agles Rest Feline Retreat

5 Cruft Way
Canning Vale WA 6155
Tel (08) 9256 1335

Bushland Pet Resort

36 Range Road
Capel WA 6271
Tel (08) 9727 1347

Hey You Pet

6 Cruft Way
Canning Vale WA 6155
Tel (08) 9455 4091

Larrakeya Cattery

34 Davilak Avenue
Hamilton Hill WA
Tel (08) 9335 415


North Queensland

K9 - River Retreat - is a luxury (kennel free) Homestay-style, dog boarding facility set on 100 acres with Barron River frontage.

2 Armstrong Rd
Kuranda QLD 4881
Tel 0437 504 5196

Caloundra Boarding Kennels

133 Grigor Street
Moffat Beach Qld
Tel (07) 5491 1516

Glenview Kennels

96 Isambert Road
Glenview Qld 4533
Tel (07) 5494 5288

Widgee Pet Care

340 Powers Road
Widgee Qld
Tel (07) 5484 0275

Brisbane Southside
Parkland Boarding Kennels

2316 Sandgate Road
Boondall Qld
Tel (07) 3265 2274

Brisbane Northside
Bay Breeze Holiday Kennels

80 Double Jump Road
Redland Bay
Tel (07) 3206 7122

Spring Bluff
Carroll's County Cat Motel

1665 Murphy Creek Road
Spring Bluff Qld 4352
Tel (07) 4630 5553


Cypress Lodge Kennels

60 Coutts Drive
Burpengary Qld
Tel (07) 38881546

South Australia

Dogs and Mogs Kennels

Kellys Road
Tel (08) 8325 0666

Tandamya Boarding Kennels

Martin Road
Hahndorf SA 5245
Tel (08) 8388 751

New South Wales

Acacia Grove Boarding Kennels

Dural (North of Sydney)
Tel (02) 9651 1310

Country Victoria

Shepparton Kennels & Cattery

40 Edwards Road
Congupna Vic 3633
Tel (03) 5829 9489

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