Natural Herbal Flea and Tick Collar

Holistic Herbal Flea and Tick Collars offer a natural alternative to traditional collars, without the toxins that can be detrimental to the health and well being of your pet and your family. Nontoxic, effective and pesticide free, these collars retain full strength for four months, even when wet. The combination of herbal ingredients used within the collar provide a protective barrier, with less skin irritations

(* The non-buckle style is a more narrow style more suited to smaller cats and dogs.)

PRICE: Non-Buckle - $36.00 (Suited more for short hair animals or cats, black only)

Buckle - $40.00 (Red, Pink, Blue, Green and Black).

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Healthy Ear Spray for Dogs

Healthy Ears for Dogs is a blend of essential oils. A Natural Healing for Animals only use 100 percent pure medical grade essential oils for their essential oil products. Healthy Ear Spray is effective for yeast, bacteria and general inflammation in the ears, due to the combination of ingredients, it is outstanding for any canine ear infections. 30mls for only $25.00.

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Healthy Skin Shampoo - (Smelly, Yeasty skin)

Natural Healings for Animals - Yeasty Skin Shampoo is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and a great cleansing shampoo for yeasty skin infections, bacterial infections, and hot spots and just as a general healthy skin shampoo.

The shampoo leaves your pets coat naturally shiny, while cleansing the skins surface and the hair follicle to help with re-growth, and kill off the yeast and bacterial infection.

The Shampoo incorporates superior quality 100% pure medical graded essential oils, It is designed to help treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections on your canine.

Natural shampoos contain beneficial natural plant and herb extracts which provide a number of positive results for your pets skin. You can enjoy these natural benefits as well as you are not putting your body at risk by exposing it to harmful chemicals.

Because it contains all natural ingredients it is a non-allergenic product which makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Natural Healing for Animals, healthy Skin Shampoo is environmentally friendly as it contains bio-degradable materials rather than harsh chemicals.

Definitely one of the most popular.

Price $35.00 - 250mls

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Aromatherapy Shampoos

Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and soap free, aromatherapy shampoos offer a range of health benefits. Proven results range from calming nervous pets, easing old age muscle pain and many more health conditions.

The shampoo leaves your pets coat naturally shiny, while cleansing the skins surface and the hair follicle. The shampoos incorporate superior quality coconut oil surfactants which protect your pet's skin while cleansing their coat.

Natural Healing for Animals has a wide range of shampoos that can be made up on request to assist in helping your pet's health needs.

Example: Natural Healings for Animals - Healthy Skin Shampoo is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and a great cleansing shampoo for bacterial infections, hot spots and just as a general healthy skin shampoo. Definitely one of the most popular.

Soft & Gentle Shampoo - (Everyday shampoo, your choice of essential oils) 250mls for the low price of $20.00

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Clean and Fresh Doggy Toothpaste
2 x toothbrushes included

Is an All-Natural Toothpaste that contains a blend of pure, plant-derived essential oils that has the benefit of germ fighting properties, for your dog's teeth, and to help prevent tartar build-up.

We all know how important it is for us to clean our teeth, well it is just important for our dogs as well.

Dental Disease can have a direct impact on your dog's vital organs like their heart, kidneys, liver and digestive system.

Some dogs are not familiar with having their teeth cleaned, the extra benefit of All Natural Clean and Fresh Doggy Toothpaste is that as long as you get the paste on their gums, the ingredients will still do their job by preventing tarter build up.

It is also very important to feed dogs the diet they were designed to eat, raw and Natural, complete with raw meaty bones or a fresh food diet that's not laden with starch/sugar (dry food) - this will help prevent dental disease.

To give your dog the best Dental Hygiene use Clean and Fresh Doggy Toothpaste, to help prevent the bacteria which causes plague to build up on your pets teeth.

A healthy mouth is good for your dog's overall health.

$19.00 - 56 grams toothpaste + 2 Brushes.

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Heat Within

Is your pet's skin hot to touch, do they scratch constantly, have weepy skin lesions, and do they pant and are restless at night. Do they have red eyes, red skin, and looking for a cool place even when it is not hot. If you answered YES to these questions then your pet may have an imbalance within their body.

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Natures Prednisolone

Natures Prednisolone is a flavonoid with antioxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used as a replacement for over-the-counter Prednisolone/Cortisone tablets, which can cause side-effects when used in the long-term. By suppressing inflammation, Natures Prednisolone will alleviate your pet itching from food or plant allergies, insect bites, dust mites, reactions to cleaning products and asthma. This product should not be given to pregnant or lactating animals, or pets suffering from kidney disease. Just add this product to your pet's meals twice daily for two months, then have a break until re-application is necessary

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Super Greens

Maximum absorption and bio-availability of nutrients in this form compared to tablets and capsules.
Comprehensive, synergistic 76 ingredients
Majority of nutrients are food sourced
Certified organic ingredients
Correct ratio of minerals and trace elements
Enhances acid/alkaline balance
Great way to get those vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health

60 grams - $23.00
120 grams - $42.00

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Digestive Aid 100ml

Does your pet eat grass, lack energy, have gas or occasional vomit, if so this is the product for you.
Helps to restore the good bacteria
Great for all species and all ages
Helps with allergies
Assists with better digestion
Easy application for all pets: crush and put in food (tasteless)
This is great for any species looking for great health

100ml Bottle - $43.00

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Immune Boost Supplement

For Optimal Health for any animal to help prevent disease
Suppress an over-reactive immune system (all types of allergies)
Relief from inflammations and arthritic conditions
Improve general health and well-being for all species

60 grams - $45.00

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Essential Oil Products

Flea Spray: A safe, natural flea spray to help deter fleas getting onto your dog.

$16.00 (120ml)
$30.00 (250ml)

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Lick Granuloma Relief

Lick Granuloma is a raised, reddened, tough, rubbery wart area that your dog continues to lick repeatedly. This oil resolves the condition quickly and efficiently.

$26.00 (5ml bottle pure oil)
$12.00 (2ml bottle pure oil) only one drop is needed twice a day

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Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are thin floppy, flattened appearance lumps that can hang anywhere on your dog's body. This oil will remove the lumps without the need for surgery.

$26.00 (5ml bottle pure oil)
$12.00 (2ml bottle pure oil) one drop twice daily

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Hot Spot Clear

Common skin lesions are generally caused by your pet biting, licking, or scratching an area. This spray will soothe the skin and clear the infection. While the spray is vital, it is important to determine the underlying issues that are causing this problem to stop it re-occurring.

$19.00 (120ml)

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Wart Removal

Warts are a common viral infection caused by physical contact or over vaccinating. This oil removes the wart without the need for surgery.

$26.00 (5ml bottle pure oil)
$10.00 (2ml bottle pure oil) one drop twice a day

*All sprays and remedies are made-to-order

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Probiotic (homeopathic flora restorer)

For all Species who have had past or present drug antibiotic

Use this to help assist better digestion and stools

Skin and ear allergies, strong skin odours use this formula

Rid fungal invasions by restoring good flora in system


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Cognitive/Dementia in our pets - $230.00

Chronic or acute cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

Use this to help assist old age issues for your dog, cat or any other species.

Restless at night, confusion, standing head to wall etc.

Similar symptoms to humans with Alzheimer's & dementia


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Arthritis Relief - $40.00

Arthritis is a very common condition in our pets, especially as they get older.

There is a lot can be done with an holistic approach to ease pain and slow the progression of this degenerative disease.

The animal will show an improvement in mobility and comfort with continued use.

This formula is a safe and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.


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Reactive Relief - nervousness after being attacked - $40.00

Easy dosing for domestic and stock animals.

A natural solution for animals of all species & ages.

Fear or aggression - seen after previous traumas.

Pet has previously been attacked by another pet.


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Grief Relief - $35.00

Emotional issues of loss, shock, grief.

Rebalance emotions from past or present trauma or shock.

Excellent for animals and species.

Use when boarding your pets at kennels.


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Herbal Heal Cream

All-purpose repairing cream.

Fast results in open wounds to be applied topically.

Prevent or stop infection & bruising.

Great for healing wounds

60ml $26.50

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Teeth Issues Plaque

If you are unable to clean your dog's teeth with a brush or older pet's that it is too dangerous for anaesthetic's for teeth cleaning.

Loosen plaque "calculus" around teeth.

Alternative to have teeth cleaned, tooth resorption issue

Alternative for older pet - too dangerous for anaesthetic.

Prevents formation of calculi, tooth enamel loss, also helps loosen tartar from teeth to come away naturally, when chewing on something more solid.

Easy application just add to water bowl.

50ml $35.00

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Smelly mouth/Bad Breath - teeth infection - drooling

Teeth, gum infection, drooling, bad breath.

Also treats or prevents abscesses.

50ml - $65.00

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